• What happens if I don’t withdraw my rebase rewards to my wallet?
Your rewards will simply accumulate until you withdraw them to your wallet. Auto-compounding is always done for you, and you receive rewards based on wallet balance + any unclaimed rewards. Any interaction between your wallet and the HODL contract will cause your rebase rewards to be claimed. The exception is if you dump your HODL without claiming your rebase, then those rebase rewards get sent to the LP pool.
  • What if I use my HODL coins to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens in return?
You will still receive positive rebase rewards whether your coins are in your wallet or in the LP pool.
  • Can I have an example of how rebase works since I'm smooth-brained?
Total supply is 100, and you hold 10 coins in your wallet. On the first rebase after you acquire these 10 coins a new coin is minted, of which you’ll receive 0.1 coins (10% of the newly minted coin since you own 10% of total supply).
Whatever % of total supply you own, you'll always have that % of total supply even though supply is increasing hourly. This is accomplished through the rebase rewards that are distributed to holders' wallets.
Last modified 1yr ago
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