Time to HODL
HODL is a token on the Fantom chain that rewards HODLers on the hour, every hour for simply having coins in their wallet. Every hour a positive rebase occurs and the contract mints a new coin, increasing the total supply by 1. This newly minted coin is distributed to the existing holders according to their current percentage of the circulating supply.
Every day there will only be 24 coins added to the total supply, and these coins are always split amongst the existing holders.
HODL began as a presale announced in various Fantom discords to only the most degenerate of degens. Details of this were as follows:
  • Total starting supply: 24 coins
  • Total coins sold in presale: 12 coins
  • Presale price per coin: 1000 FTM
  • Min/Max presale amount per person: 250 FTM to 500 FTM
  • Remaining 12 coins combined with collected 12,000 FTM and used to provide LP
  • LP tokens burned
Last modified 1yr ago
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